Akademy 2019 - Milano, Italy

Another successful event of Akademy held in Milan, Italy this year(2019). As always, I feel it was a great catch up with the fellow KDE contributors. Contributors not just limited to technical domain but also from various other domains like Translation, Promotion, documentation, etc.

Akademy 2019 group photo

As scheduled, day1 - 7th Sept and day2 - 8th Sept had a lot of talks on the on-going and upcoming projects. One of the most important talks of the event was “KDE’s Goals” hosted by Lydia, Neofytos and Ivan, which was an interactive session on what have we achieved in the last year and what will be KDE’s next year’s goals.

After the last year’s goal revolving around Privacy, Onboarding, Usability and Productivity, there was voting for picking the new goals. The list of prospective goals and selected ones are listed here

This year, I was not only an attendee and a speaker but also volunteered for session chairing, video operations, and helped at the info desk.

Talk on Labplot

Like every year, we had a week of BoFs (Bird of Feather), Workshops, Meetings, Daytrip and Training.

There is great news from one of the BoF on KDE India. For all the buddy developers or open-source enthusiast, conf.kde.in will be held from 17th January 2020 to 19th January 2020, in Delhi, India. The call for papers is open and you can find more details on conf.kde.in

I am thankful to KDE for sponsoring my travel and congratulate the team on successfully hosting such a productive conference to gather contributors from all around the globe.

SocialEvent favorite lady

As always, I would like to encourage my readers to start or keep contributing to open source projects and to get started with KDE you can read my previous blog or getting involve page