Winding up GSoC.

Time flies, truly. With the end of this month comes the end of such an amazing programme
"Google Summer of Code 2016".
As planned earlier I have successfully implemented GSL library to construct histogram for both static as well as dynamic input values.



Now, a user can
  • Draw different types of histogram for a given set of values.
  • Change the method of selecting the bin value.
  • Change background and filling of histogram graph.
  • Alter the properties of histogram graph scaling (auto-scale. color, pattern).
  • Mark the magnitude of bin ( individual or cumulative).
  • Draw/plot more than one curve on same worksheet to enhance the analytic study/comparison.
Though the programme has come to an end, I will continue contributing in KDE community and LabPlot. I would like to thank all my mentors in Labplot.
Working demo:

Thanks for reading :)